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*BRRRRRINNNNGGGG* I grunt and I don't want to get up. Then I remembered I had a date today. I threw off my blanket and took a quick shower. I got out and looked in my closet I didn't have any nice clothes. "OOOOHH MYYYY GOOOODDD!!!!" I yell. I never thought I would go on a date the second day I lived in Seoul. *Ding dong* "What the hell? Who is here?" I say to myself. I look through a peep hole. It's a mail dude. I open the door and it's a package for me.
It was from U-Kwon. It was a beautiful Red dress with a gold necklace and bracelet. He even put a sunflower in the package. I quickly put it in a vase full of water so it wouldn't die. I got ready quickly and ran out the door. I stopped in my tracks there was a limo. A guy got out of the limo and said "Are you Coreena?" I replied, "Yes sir." "Get in U-Kwon will meet us there." he said. I got in and he closed the door. I was so amazed. I've never been in a limo before. I couldn't believe evreything that has happened so far. I can tell this date is going to he magical. I arrived at the Namsan cable cars. There were so many couples in line to get on one already. I even saw my friend Kiara we haven't seen eachother in quite some time she moved here way before I did. "Kiara!" I exclaimed. Kiara and this good looking guy turned around. "It's me Coreena." I said. "Oh my god it's been awhile." Kiara said. She hugged me and I hugged her back. "It's good to see you. Who is this?" I asked. "This is my fiance Jin." Kiara replied. "Nice to meet you." I said. "Nice to meet you too." Jin replied. Next thing I know someone taps me on the shoulder. I look over my shoulder and don't see anyone. I then feel a tap on my other one. I don't see anyone so I turn around all the way. It was U-Kwon. "Hahahahaha. I got you beautiful!" U-Kwon said. I giggled and blushed. I turned around and it was just us. I hugged him and he just held me. I heard his heart beat it was beating fast. It just gave me even more butterflies then I had. I looked up at him then smiled. He kissed me on the forehead. "Ahem."someone said. I turned around and it was Marisol she was holding hands with Jiyong. "Aren't you going to go in a cable car dongsaeng or are you going to stand here all day." Marisol said giggling. "Alright fine let's go U-Kwon." I say. We got on a cable car just us two. The view was so beautiful it was the first time I've never been scared to get in something that high. Maybe because U-Kwon was there. It ended too quickly. He took me home and kissed my forehead and said, "Until next time." I got into my pajamas and went to sleep. (End of Chapter 2. What do you all think? I also have no idea how long this story will be.) @Marilovexoxo @thepinkprincess @AimeeH
@thePinkPrincess hahaha yes you can. thank you. and really???!!!! yaaaaayyy!!!
can I hug you?? lol that's it ur getting a spot in my bts fanfic now!! Nice chapter by the way
@Marilovexoxo woops ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
lol almost right just missing one character (언니)
Thank you very much 어니 (i think thats right xD)
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