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I have been trained by a Martial arts master and uncovered the secrets of the Ninja. Now I will share with you the secrets of the Shinobi. Did you know most ninja groups started as rebel farmers and merchants? They turning their tools into the legendary weapons made famous by Ninja Masters. Rice beaters became tanfa and numbchucks, digging tools became kunai, paddles became staffs. Many looked a lot different than how we see them today, for example the staff was an octagon designed to catch bladed weapons and disarm opponents. Prepair to be amazed by the secrets of the mighty ninja.
@MichaelOgg I'll keep your knowledge alive and well
Are you following me @Shannonl5 lol
Ninjas were very skilled with gun powder and fire.
Yea another cool trick was using alcohol or corn starch with a torch to breath fire. The highly oxidized ethonal from blowing the corn starch is the easiest and most efficient in my experience.
The whole disappearing with a smoke bomb
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