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I thought this was a really fascinating article. It basically says that a study found that forcing kids to eat things they don't like (broccoli, fish, spinach, what have you) can result in a lifetime habit of avoiding that food. So you might not be doing your kids a favor by forcing them to eat their vegetables!
What do you think? Is a little forced eating good for kids, or should they be allowed to eat whatever they choose?
@Danse You mean I'm not supposed to eat carrots through my nose? Dad, you have some explaining to do!
Right? I mean if my parents had shoved carrots up my nose or something then maybe I would have been a bit put-off by the idea of ever eating them; but it wasn't all THAT bad. LMAO
Hahahaha. No no, I feel you, @Danse. I'm sure it depends on the degree of forcing, and basically how traumatizing the whole experience is... but I also remember being forced to eat my veggies as a kid! And now I'm fine with them :)
That's bull. 馃槀 My family made me eat darn near anything when I was young and I don't avoid anything because of that. I think a lot of kids are just overly spoiled personally. Their habits stem from both a coincidence and a lack of hands on parenting. Just my opinion though.
I have to force feed my kid sometimes. Once he gets a taste of what ever it is, he's fine with it normally.
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