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its been like a month since I've been here, made no friends( actually did make 1 @seintoseiya ) I spend too much time doing cards and no one even cares... I thought id come here and enjoy having people that like the same thing I like. however it might be a little bit more about popularity and top people. I spend time doing cards everyday, I live in korea so I get to see and feel hands on everything k/pop ( example) vav debut tomorrow. however I have only really been accepted by @shannonl5 and if I wanted to feel this way I'd just be with my real family lol anwyay... it's been fun. you might feel like I do, if so just give it time..
To be honest I haven't ever even seen your cards until I saw this post. That doesn't mean I was ignoring you, it just means I didn't run into your cards. It's hard to see everyone on here....I mean there are TONS of members and communities. As for making cards people like, well, not every card is going to blow up and be some wonderful hit here. Shoot I've made tons that are junky, but I still made them. Just have to work your way in and start tagging random people that like the same things! Tag the heck out of people. *Tag, you're it foo!* Don't get discouraged! :))
@jiggzy19 @MichaelLopez @StefaniTre @MattK95 @Jak91 @Emealia @nobankai @shannonl5 @Annaharris1989 @littlemaryk @VixenViVi @MichaelLopez @amandamuska @nobankai @SeintoSeiya @VinMcCarthy @Danse @AnjhenTubio @Annaharris1989 =D thank you all so much! since mu cards never get seen I didn't think this one would either and I wanted to bent as well. I real really appreciate the support ..specially since if id said anywhere else people would be like..."um ok bye felica" lol so its really cool of you guys to even comment and care about me even tho you dont know me =) hope to add all as friends.. Im going to sleep now because im going to the vav premier tomorrow...by my self =/ if any is interested in that also.
If you ever need help or just someone to talk to @electica please feel free to message me or any of my support team. @jiggzy19 @kpopandkimchi @aabxo @DancingPartyTme @Poojas @PassTheSuga :)
What I do is tag any and every one possible. *thumbs up* it works for the most part.
@electica I am so sorry! As the moderator of the K-Pop community I feel like I've totally failed you, and that is just not on... There are so many people in our community and I try very hard to look at as many of the cards put out as I can, and connect with as many people as I can...obviously I've missed quite a few, once again I am so sorry about that, if you change your mind about leaving I'd love to talk to you some time about anything from church to k-pop ^^ I'm hoping to visit South Korea soon, so it's awesome that you live there, if you ever want to talk shoot me a private message :D
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