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Yup, I'm getting into these two day challenges... I like them and I love to read what everyone thinks. Others opinions get my thought juices going and I love it. Since I been on Vingle, I came across lovely people and some in my opinion needs to be blocked from commenting... But we are a happy community that takes what's coming.. Even if it's a agree to disagree.. Or silent Wtf you do at your pc or phone. :) Anyway back to the challange... What do you think these two would talk about? Would they joke? Or would it be some Highlander thing? (it's a show, yup I'm old lol) I'm placing this card in Marvel as well. We do have people who love both! So everyone should weigh in.
Happy challange Vinglers Xoxo L A
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lol they'd probably just end up telling each other dad jokes all day
2 years ago·Reply
😂😂😂 why so serious
2 years ago·Reply
Make a plan to kill Batman and each other along the way
2 years ago·Reply
I am going with my "Highlander" theory... "there can only be one" and they will figure out some crazy way to kill each other and Batman is going to be in the shadows laughing eating popcorn! Lol
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks for you participation everyone!
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