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What would one Joker say to the other 2 day challenge ✨ ✨
Yup, I'm getting into these two day challenges... I like them and I love to read what everyone thinks. Others opinions get my thought juices going and I love it. Since I been on Vingle, I came across lovely people and some in my opinion needs to be blocked from commenting... But we are a happy community that takes what's coming.. Even if it's a agree to disagree.. Or silent Wtf you do at your pc or phone. :) Anyway back to the challange... What do you think these two would talk about? Would they joke? Or would it be some Highlander thing? (it's a show, yup I'm old lol) I'm placing this card in Marvel as well. We do have people who love both! So everyone should weigh in.
Happy challange Vinglers Xoxo L A
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