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Some spend their checks on alcohol, clothes, drugs and other stuff... I collect figurines to stare at and frequently undust
Yeah you really are lucky 馃槀馃槀@veggiecide
I'm lucky to live in California in that regard, there a handful of good stores within driving distance, not all are cheap but you find some really cool stuff! Of course, if I find a deal on Ebay I go for it haha @tayhar18920
Book-Off in Torrence, CA... I seriously waited at leadt 6 months to get her, I'm kind of a cheapass and try to get everything discounted or at least cheaper... long story short, she was 90+ when she was on display, waited until she wasn't on the display thingy, went to ask if she was there and sure enough they had moved her to the front and dropped the price to 45! @tayhar18920
Haha馃槀what store do you go to?@veggiecide
I personally prefer store finds over internet, it provides a better adrenaline rush and no worrying about lost/stolen mail 馃槀馃槀
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