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I had not heard of this drama; I was trolling around on DramaFever looking to pass the time before a meeting.
I laughed and sobbed so much and I only watched the first episode....forreal! There have been a lot of dramas over the years that hooked me on the very first episode, but I can't remember one giving me the feels like this so quickly.
I'm going to introduce the cast and some of the story (it's a little complicated and I don't get all the relationships yet)
First up!

Lee Dong Wook -

He plays an Eastern Medicine Doctor with a heart of gold (not a typical chaebol). He's really playful, friendly, and understanding. I've only seen him in Hotel King where he played a guy with a heart of stone, so naturally I'm super excited to see him as the total opposite. How do you feel about him?
He's obviously the main lead. He and the main female lead grew up together in the same household because reasons...

Jung Ryeo Won -

She's a producer for a late night radio program. Her life is mess, to put it nicely. There's a rather serious scene (only one of the moments I cried during the episode) where she says all the horrible things going on with her. You see the picture up there? Yea, she's wearing that outfit the entire episode; there is not 1 person who doesn't say something about it--trust me, it's hilarious!
If you saw My Lovely Sam Soon she was the second lead.

Lee Jong Hyuk -

Second Lead's always make me feel some type of way. Haven't gotten to see much of him so far. What we do know is that he's a bad boyfriend who makes his girl feel very lonely.
I loved him in A Gentleman's Dignity (a drama filled with cute older actors). If you watched Dating Agency: Cyrano (the drama version) he was the main lead beside the chick from SNSD. Excited to see more of him! [I like older men, especially when they're tan!!!!]

Park Hee Bon -

Second Lead. Gosh, after just the first episode I already feel super terrible for her. Like the main lead she's not your typical chaebol--she's a dentist for God's sake (lol).
If you saw Producer she was the pregnant older sister of Baek Seung Chan. If you saw Master's Sun she was Gong Hyo Jin's older sister from the cafe.
Want to know why her character looks so tired? Because of who her mom is...omg!

YEP! Park Joon Geum -

If you've seen any drama worth watching you've seen this woman (Heirs, Emergency Couple, Rooftop Prince, Secret Garden). She's infamous, she's irritating, and she has weird fashion sense!
I can't wait to hate her; she always delivers a knock out performance as your typical rich and overprotective mother!
I'm so excited for this drama. I told myself I had to make a card before I could watch the second episode. I just feel bad for @kpopandkimchi because she'll have no choice but to watch it!
If you want a detailed look at the first episode DramaBeans has one----click here! I warn you, it's hella long!
Anyone gonna watch??
@krin well and I just finished 10. I felt like I was dying..
haha cant wait to hate her either i know this ladies acting is about to make my blood boil, but hey that means you have a good k-drama
Whoa this is totally an all star cast! YOU'RE GIVING ME SO MANY DRAMAS TO PUT ON MY WATCH LIST!!! AHHHH!!!!
lee dong wook is so sexy
I love this one so far! I'm hoping to finish it before I start school again.
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