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Monsta X is the amazingly new Kpop group who has me dying everytime one of them looks at the camera. They are sweet and dorky. Here are the members.
This beautiful creature is Shownu. Ugh....what can I say? I like a man with a pretty face. This dude has me nosebleeding every five minutes. His voice is lovely and his dance skills has me upset with the world. A man should not be allowed to be that perfect. He can sing, dance, and he has a beautiful face and personality. Ugh........boyfriend material, man. Boyfriend material.
This adorable munchkin is Hyungwon. He used to be a model but he decided to go into music. Honestly.....the boy has the voice of an angel. LOVE HIM!!! Voice skills: on point! Boy has some pipes. Mmm!!!! Love him.
This wittle poof button (I don't even know, thought it was cute) is Minhyuk......oh, how I adore his sweet personality. He is like that boy at school you have a crush on but are too afraid to even stand next to him. He is in the vocal unit, baby!! Rightly so too. He has an AMAZING voice. 'Nough said.
This gorgeous thing is Kihyun. He is an adorable button of a boy. He has the personality of a five year old boy. Ugh, he is so sweet!! It kills me. His voice kills me. It seems like his voice doesnt match his face. It's too deep.......I LOVE IT!!! He is in the vocal unit of Monsta X. As you might have guessed.
This the one and only, JOOHEON!!!! 'Excuse My Charisma' Jooheon. Yeah, him. I can't even......his face. Them ears doe!!!! He is cooky and quirky, ooh....just like me!!! He is a rapper in Monsta X. His rap skills are on point. I can't even......
I.M baby. Saranghae. For I love you whole heartedly. I was immediately hooked to him when I saw the video for Tresspass. I was like 'That one...I want to fangirl about that one on a daily basis.' He has a calm, collected air about him that I was drawn to. I feel as if I met him....I wouldn't be able to move. I would stutter constantly and shake violently like a chihuahua in a Minnesota winter. He is one of the rappers in the group. And he has an amazing English (Great Britain) accent that he does.
And....this one.....I...can't .....he is just so.......I'm gonna cry. He is so cute, man!!! His name is WonHo....ugh, even his name is adorable. I think I have something for cheeks. His cheeks are so soft looking. It is driving me insane. I just now realized I am ranting like the fangirl I am. I will stop now.
Okay, @herreravanessa9 What did ya think? Did this help at all? I hope I helped. I included my opinions on each you might have read. So...yeah. Hope you liked it. Tell me what you think.
@ArmyofKookie I'm glad you liked it so much. If there is anything you want me to post, just ask, okay?
Omg this is great ;-; I fell in love like HARD when Tresspass came out and ever since their teaser showed up I knew I was hooked :3 now I can match their names to their faces and soon their voices <3
@ILikeHisFace123 Yah this card is perfect 😁 I will definitely think of them all as our cute little buttons hehe! Thank you for posting! EVERYONE LOVE MONTSA X LOTS ❤️😁❤️😁❤️😁❤️😁
@ILikeHisFace123 ^u^ will do~ <3 I need to get more into MONSTA X anyway but I just haven't gotten to them XD it's a shame since I'm so into their music..
Hyungwon most definitely HYUNGWON
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