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Though my bias list is a mess there have always been two that stayed my ultimate top two. I will always love them and will never replace them. But i started noticing they have a few things in common. perhaps i have a type and they are it? i didn't think i had a type but based off of my main oppas maybe i do.
They are both rappers in their group. They both have sexy husky rapping voices, but beautiful melting rich singing voices that (if you ask me) don't get shown often enough.
They both look fineeeee in silver/blonde hair. Usually everytime an idol goes for this color i am like nooooooo. But it was diffirent with these two. i mean obviously they would look good in any color but i though these color suit them well. (some people disagree just my opinoin)
They both are the happyvirus/vitamin of their group. Not to say the others aren't hyper and cheerful but these two are known for their happy dispositions. they are cheerful and can make me smile in almost any situation
They are both part of one of the most popular ships of their group. (one of the most popular) markson/chanbaek
They were both on roomate and law of the jungle. I guess i find it attractive that even though they are idols they aren't to prissy to go in the jungle and sleep outside and eat stuff the caught. it's really manly and hot. Also that they were adaptive enough to live with a bunch of. strangers and form a family so quickly. (jackson a little too quickly with his female co-stars) hehe jk jk jk he is makes a good big brother figure.
So yeah based off this i guess a rapper with a secret talent of singing, silver haired, happy virus, bromance addict, family/nature man who is ether korean or chinese is my type? idk but they are perfect and have ruined both my bias list and my life (in a good way) β™₯ my oppas
yes my babes, I love you now for making this. someone else who saw the similarities πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
I love this! these too are seriously too perfect.Him amd Jackson have a lot in common and. i think thats why i love Jackson soo much and chanyeol is my second Ultimate bias him a Jiyongi are the two that could never be replaced.