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Recently, she is very famous due to her (overload) cuteness dancing performance. I want you to decide, whether you are agree with me, or you have another cute idol that we can compare with :) Enjoy the video! Your comment greatly appreciated :D
if vingle admin will warn me, i take that as a good concern for the vingle user :)
thus, limits the capability of the thread itself to reach broader viewer. one of my aim is to get many viewer with one single post, therefore i try to put as many tags as possible (even with very slight available linkage)
thanks once again for your concern my dear friend. i really appreciate it :) why I put so much tag is, because the tag already determined in the first place by vingle admin.
sorry about that, i just copy and paste the tags in your cards and they are already all capitalized >__< just trying to help out, hope i didnt offend u :(
you don't have to use caps lock my dear friend :) imo, the tag option is very limited it creates a kinda too rigid boundaries
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