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Wade wise cracking Wilson will you do me the horror oh, excuse me honor of sharing Mexican food with me? I also happen to cook very well too... You like favor.. I have sazon. And don't get me started on the bacalaitos... Yum.
Why you? Good question ❓?! But I can answer it the funny way, Thor was taken by @amobigbang, so you are in my batting cage. The truth... Urgh can you handle it? It might get emotional for you... But we are both weird, over the top, completely out of bounds and we both have scars inside and out. Our humor is unique, not maybe everyone will understand our duckary but.. We will be able to understand each other. ✨ another thing is that you will most likely need someone to bail you out and I know how to be serious when I need to be. You can do your Un alive missions and I can do my nine to five... Unless you go somewhere cool.. Like Australia and I can so be on the beach!
Don't cry sweetcorn everything is going to be alright lol..... I planned it all out lol
Can I get an I do?...
Close enough Xoxo L A DANGEROUS @shannonl5 @amobigbang @VinMcCarthy
from far away I thought dead pool was a crab trying to scape
@electica lol he does look like that!
Lol @LAVONYORK it was funny. I don't judge I have many husbands too
I'm going to take a peek @amobigbang lol, and yup I had to put a wise crack and I do have Thor as one of my seven. The only here lol.. Everyone is Anti hero or Villian lol
I added my changes lol @LAVONYORK. I just had to copy lol
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