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I'm going to admit something to you guys, I'm not really into horror movies (I know it's funny because I'm a ghost) because I'm sort of weak and jump-scares really scare me and I absolutely hate feeling startled. So, when I want to feel spooked I generally watch movies that would be more accurately described as Thrillers.
And to be more specific, I really love psychological thrillers. And honestly, I haven't watched too many because they usually stick with me for a long time. There's something about being creeped out mentally that's so much more terrifying than seeing an unkillable sleep monster chase you through your dreams (that's a movie right?)
One such movie that has stuck with me for years (yes, years) is I Saw The Devil. Jee-woon Kim's intense, brutally violent, thriller is one that I'd put on my personal Top 5 List of best movies I've ever seen. I left the trailer for you below if you're interested. Also, when I said the film is brutally violent, it is. Including the trailer. So if the sight of blood bothers you... maybe you might want to sit this one out.
I Saw the Devil is weird because it's one that I can talk about for hours on end but also I can't. I could say that the movie is beautifully shot but if you saw the trailer, you already know that. It falls in this weird "in-between" in terms of movie content. It's a horror movie, it's very much a "torture-porn", but it's also emotionally engaging.
You connect with Byung-hun Lee's character after he loses his wife. You feel his descent into madness. And later on (I won't spoil anything don't worry), you find yourself feeling bad for the antagonist of the film played by Min-sik Choi.
It's a movie that'll take you up and down the emotional ladder while making you feel sick to your stomach at the gory set-pieces. It's something that needs to be seen before it's discussed. So, please, I beg of you (if you're interested in this film) watch it and talk to me about it.
And all that being said, I think it's the perfect movie to watch on Halloween. Forget the party, forget hanging out with friends. Sit in your room, turn on Netflix (I think it's still on Netflix) and creep yourself out. After I had watched it with my brother and a couple of friends, they couldn't talk about it immediately. They needed at least an hour to decompress before they thought about what they saw. (Spoiler Alert: they loved it too)
I let the trailer run for about 6 seconds before I was too scared and had to pause it. And no, literally nothing but the "MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY" thing comes on the screen in that time. Your writing freaked me out!! haha
I agree with Paul. This is a very good movie and it is disturbing on many levels. While Paul may not label this movie as horror it is listed on many horror sites. It stays with you long after the credits end and makes you question what is right and wrong.
i saw this movie a while ago, i did not see any of that happening so good
Horror movie lover here lol, I will take a peek at that lol. I just can't stand horror movies like the human centipede... Ewww on so many levels!