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Neeva is a young girl who was born Deaf, and uses American Sign Language to communicate.

Baxter the dog was a shelter dog who was living in an overcrowded rural shelter in August, and had to leave the shelter because the noise and commotion were all too much for him.

Neeva’s family adopted Baxter. And as the pair grew older, Neeva taught Baxter sign language. He knows how to sit, stay, and go all in hand signs. Neeva also communicates with her best friend by signing his name to get him to come.

And the rest is just adorable history. Check out this pair interact.

And you’ll see why dogs are mans best friend, but also little girls best friend. 😍 🐶 👩🏼

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I don't know sign language but I love your definition so much. I took a nonverbal communication class once, and it was fascinating how much we learn from movement, and understand humans. Sign language is using movement as language and i love that @Cereal03 you have such a cool ambition! @ButterflyBlu that's amazing :) and animals share such a big part of our lives. I only had two dogs growing up, and they were just huge parts of my family dynamic.
@nicolejb thanks lol what ambition are you talking about?
I am confused by what your talking about. @nicolejb
the ambition you have that you are learning sign language :D @Cereal03 I think it's awesome you are!
oohh lol cool i tagged you on a card with a video to me signing. ✌ @nicolejb