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I can not be the first person to want to talk with others about the greatness of TNG. Can I?
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@Animaniafreak you're a Voyager fan, right?
My first trek was the Voyager, man I love that ship! I love how original the script was and my imagination just ran wild with it! My fav characters were captain Janeway and first officer Tuvok (who doesn't like a cute Vulcan?). Because I was so impressed by the Voyager, I hunted down the rest of trek series (except the original one, too ancient and I didn't like Kirk) Deep space nine and The next generation.
What are some of your most memorable episodes?
I watched several The Next Gemrration last night. I used to relate to Geordy, but lately I feel I am more of a William.
THEY'RE MAKING A NEW TV SERIES http://www.slashfilm.com/star-trek-tv-series/ WHO ELSE IS EXCITED