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Just when you thought robots couldn’t get any cooler, they are now your own personal bartender.
A group of (really cool) Polish students designed and created a robot that perfectly pours shots of vodka. It can detect the location of that glass as well the correct amount of liquid needed.
It also follows voice commands. So you can easily say "another round mister robot!” And it’ll give you and your friends perfect vodka shots.
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Haha exactly why I was saying that this could be the start of that game
2 years ago·Reply
you take a shot of vodka and then walk into the game ;) @RainaC3
2 years ago·Reply
I need this at home!
2 years ago·Reply
haha I need like a wine-pouring robot for a perfect glass XD @ButterflyBlu!
2 years ago·Reply
Its like you collided Japan with Russia and volah advanced vodka
2 years ago·Reply