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Even though they're not what we've been waiting for.

Rumors have been going around about the release of the Civil War trailer (Disney has been tough on leaks this time around), but in the meantime fans are trying to give us our fix. This video, created by Youtuber mightyraccoon! isn't the trailer we've been waiting for, but it is pretty darn cool.
Whether you're #TeamCap or #TeamStark, the one thing we can all agree on is that this trailer needs to be released ASAP. Before the struggle becomes *too* real, am I right?
that was made reallly good.that was they doing the civil war's going be like team cap vs team stark like I hope they do it justice cause that's a lot going in the civil war.
@OGv6FATE @TyTruth honestly the comics are a huge part of why I'm on Team Cap haha, the way the story plays out just made me so unsympathetic to Stark and the government
@shannonI5 wowwww! man... i wish civil war would come out!
Oooh snap this video trailer is awesome >:) it does such that is not real :( but still very well made!! @shannonl5 but any who..... YES I must see a TRAILER ALREADY OF CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!! Lol pleas pleas pleas hahah
@shannonl5 pure awesomeness
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