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Some of us are so dedicated to the gym, taking a few days of rest when we're sick is like hell is coming over to ruin us.
But when is it time to rest? Or should we just keep the beastmode turned on.

Here's some questions you should consider when you're a gym-bro, and you're sick:

1) Just got the sniffles? Or you're coughing up blood?

Depending on your symptoms -- you may want to take it easy, no matter how motivated you are to get to the gym. It could be dangerous to go to the gym with a fever, or if you're fatigued.

2) Have you considered everyone else around you?

If what you have can affect everyone's health, you may want to stay your ass at home. Coughing up mucus? Sneezing all over the dumbbells? Wiping your snot on the treadmill?
Think about others around you, especially if you're in a smaller gym.

How do you really feel?

If you're feeling fine to go to the gym, then go. If not, then stay home. Maybe your cold is almost over and you just have a scratchy through -- you're probably alright.
But if you've got the chills and an insane fever, take care of your body first...and that'll be at home or at the hospital, not the gym.

Do you still go to the gym when you're sick? Or do you give your body the chance to rest?

Yea. I usually just rest. A week of trying to recover doesn't really mess with strength/gains.
I let it rest, the body will be fine with up to a week at most before it starts to show that you're losing gains, at least that's what I experienced.