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If you know what this is and how this came to be then you realize that this was one of the most tragic and sad deaths in the entire series. all the moments that we knew about and the first man who treated Naruto like not only a teacher but as a dad or figure to look up to. This episode or lead up hit me hard. I had been watching Naruto since the beginning and this was a big feels episode. I'm sure all of you who have seen this understand where I'm coming from. if you related to Naruto even a little bit this made you tear up. personally I cried for quite a bit after the fact because you knew the pain and sorrow he was feeling and kinda wanted to just help him.
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this was so rough because of the way naruto finally had someone to look to for this kind of affection or inspiration, or anything really. he had izuma a little bit, but not like Jiraiya. Though I think it was important for Naruto's development, too.