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I know I should be talking about the Great Halloween Pumpkin or whatever but I can't because I haven't seen it in a million years and I don't remember a lot of those old movies. I do remember seeing them on television but my memories of anything Peanuts are always filled with what I was doing instead of what was on screen. That being said, the latest trailer for The Peanuts Movie acts on this exact feeling.
I don't think I ever forgot about Peanuts but I felt like I kept having this feeling of "oh yeah" during the early part of the trailer. Seeing the characters drawn out and storyboarded was awesome to me. And it brought back a bunch of old memories from my youth.
I can remember the Charlie Brown movies on the TV as I was bundled up in blankets while I was sick. I remember the time I stayed home from school because of the snow and the way my mom made us some hot chocolate to share while we watched some Holiday-themed movie.
I don't ever remember finishing these movies. But the moments where they were on while I was around are important to me. All the Peanuts characters remind me of something more than just the characters on the screen or my childhood in general. I think about all the people that have been there for me when I needed them. My mother when I was sick. My father when he was off work. My brother when we had nothing else to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
The smell of my mom's cooking taking over the house. The slightly silent but not quite sip my dad made anytime he wanted to drink his coffee. The way it felt when my brother would wrap me up so tight in blankets that I couldn't get out. The Peanuts characters will always have a place in my brain -- even if I tend to forget about them every once and a while.
I hope this new movie helps those in a generation younger than mine the same way they helped me. They're all bookmarks for a time when things were -- most definitely -- easier. I wonder if my nephews -- or anyone else around their age -- will look at The Peanuts Movie the same way I did. Maybe this movie will be a bookmark for them.
The Peanuts Movie will be in theaters on November 6th, 2015
Anyone else notice that "dog sees god" is a palindrome? :)
I love Charlie Brown. I played Sally in a play called "Dog Sees God" that's about them when they grow up. It was a really profound and sad experience for me. I've always had a soft spot for the Peanuts characters. They're really real to me for some reason.
I know that play, @TessStevens!! I've seen some scenes from it, performed in an acting class I took in college. Good stuff. @NerukaWong hahahaha. I feel you! Actually, that sounds a bit like my current life... hmm...
Charlie Brown is my ultimate childhood in a nutshell: AWKWARD AS HECK