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Impressions of Rokka No Yusha? And who was your favorite charecter :)?
And whose waiting for season too !!! And fremy will always be bae馃槶
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I wasn't expecting this anime to be this good. It was literally nerve-wracking the entire series not knowing who the seventh was. I really am right here watching other animes and reading mangas thinking, "I wonder if Rokka no Yuusha is going to get a second season." My favorite character was definitely Flamie. She is just hands down a bad ass hybrid who steals your heart and attention. She is probably the most dynamic character in the series with the most bizarre backstory.
I mean it better get a second season the end of the last episode lead me to a lot of questions and what happens to everyone and the demon God and plus the 7th is still alive so it can't be over not yet so keep your hopes up guys :)!