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My Comments!! well im up to ep 4 right now! and flip its so sad what happened to lee soo yeon !! When that scene happened i knew that she wasn't only just beaten by the fricken creep!!are when you could hear her scream,and the close up on Han Jung-woo face just made me tear up! cant believe that she was raped! :( sometimes the world is really cruel, and although this is just a drama, these things would still happen in our society,and its really sad. :( Poor Lee Soo-Yeon! Kim So-Hyun this person that played lee soo yeon did such a good job actually! you hardly get such good acting with the younger actress!and actors! i love the relationship of that detective guy and Lee son yoen, and im glad that she would be able to find a "real" father figure from him, that she could find in her own father, Dont know that kid Yoo Seung-Ho very well, but i Did see pics of the future him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,buttttt still! Im voting for Han Jung-Woo & Lee Soo-Yeon , the Present and the Future. (: Dont you just love that drive you have when you're watching such a good drama? i do! (: