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If you're the type of person who's into horror games then I have some great news for you, Outlast 2 will be out sometime next Fall (2016). I know that's basically a year from now, but you know, at least you know it's coming. They released a teaser (that doesn't really tell you anything) and it creeps me the hell out.
The folks at Red Barrels (the company that developed Outlast) used some pretty strong imagery in their teaser. The burning cross represent a lot of terrible shit in America and the fact that it might be a basis for the game freaks me the fuck out.
It reminds me a bit of The Hills Have Eyes kind of Southern American scary white folks, so I know I probably won't play this game. Who am I kidding? I'm never going to play this game. I couldn't play more than fifteen minutes of the first one.
There's something about these games that make me feel absolutely powerless. And I don't like feeling powerless. I mean, okay, okay, okay. Video games are mostly power fantasies, I get it and maybe this subverts the whole power fantasy video game thing.
But listen, I like feeling scared and I like feeling like I can do something about that fear instead of run away. I'm already pretty marginalized in the real world and I don't need a game to make me feel even more marginalized. Alright, maybe I'm making it too political. But didn't someone say "the personal is political"? I don't know. The game is scary.
Below I left a trailer for the first game and if you're interested in playing it yourself, I believe it's available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC right now.
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Uh yeah this looks terrifying.
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I'm so excited but so scared :DDDD DDDDD:
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@allischaaff yeah, I can't even get through playing 15 minutes of the original game... hahahaha @Imcoolerthenu I am too, I might need to watch someone else play it though. I can't handle these kinds of games
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I beat the first outlast on the second to final difficulty, it was too easy. I tried to beat it on the hardest difficulty but never had the time for a full play through though.
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