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So, I'm not quite sure if the vingle community is this nice and tame, or if I just have yet to meet the type of people I deem as toxic.
I have met mostly nice people who instead of discouraging me as a random person, is rather encouraging me to move on and I guess "further" my existance. I'm not saying I'm suicidal or begging for attention, but it just seems that most of you out there are as tame as you would be irl.
So now I'll sit here and think about "furthering" my life on other platforms like youtube. And I say YouTube because for years I have been trying to start a channel where I consistently post content but I've always been lazy or unmotivated to do anything after video 3.
So I know I'm rather new to this community but thanks anyone and everyone that I am going to meet on my journey here on vingle. And remember; Praise The Sun! ha ha
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