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So, I've been out of the country for a couple of days and I'm not sure if a card was or has been made for this but I decided to share my joy and tears with all you!
So as you all may know T.O.P's birthday is coming up on November 4th. At the Macau MADE concert they sang happy birthday to T.O.P and he was trying to hold his tears but he couldn't anymore after Taeyang told him not to cry!! This whole video made me melt and ball out into tears! T.O.P 사랑해 !! ♡
I found out about this video because Kenny made a reaction to this video which is really funny and teary!

Check out both videos!!

That was so cute :) and those dance move tho lol
That was adorable! @KutieKiKi watch this
stop i had to cut this off im about to cry( i mean shed thug tears) at work this is the cutest thing ever
That's so adorable 😊😂
that was ssssooooo sweet of everyone.