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The White Death

There once a girl, who hated life.
So much so, she wanted to die.
She ripped her own flesh with a knife.
When she heard the people talk,
She would then begin to stalk.
And at their door she would knock.
One knock for your skin, which she will use to patch her own decaying flesh.
Two knocks for your hair, which she will keep between her teeth.
Three knocks for your bones, which she will fashion in to clubs.
Four knocks for your heart, which she will rip out of your chest.
Five knocks for your teeth, which she will polish and keep in a box.
Six knocks for your soul, which she'll swallow whole.
Her eyes were sunken and black like lead,
Her rotting flesh was bruised and red.

And if you ever knew her, she'd kill you dead.

This urban legend is told in Mexico, but you might hear variations of this story through out the world. She also goes by the name La Muerto Blanco. Each knock becomes louder and louder, until you cannot take it anymore. She doesn't want anyone to know about her, and make sure that nobody does...
This story is new to me. But I felt this one was a bit short. to many questions unanswered. LOL Good work, I really enjoyed these stories. Thank you
I can't wait until tonight, so I can tell it to my daughters. I should have someone come knock at my door at the exact time I'm telling my girls this story. Bwahahaha 馃槇 lol.
I never heard of this legend in Mexico. The most common is La Llorona.
馃槺馃槺馃槺oh my goodness! ! I cant do scary stories...馃槩
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