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Rumor has it he won't be playing Wolverine anymore.

And that's REALLY SAD NEWS! I mean, who else would have insisted upon mooning the entire audience of X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Thanks Hugh, you're a pal.

But if he feels like it's time for him to move on from the character, we've got to respect that and be thankful for all the work he's done on the character. And, it means we can have some fun trying to figure out who could play him next! Here are my picks:
Richard Armitage Daniel Radcliffe (he's actually short enough) Tyler Hoechlin Robert Pattinson
Or they could always decide the next Wolverine is X-23 and cast India Eisley.
What do you think?
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@shannonl5 even hugh jackman nominated him as his successor. Tom can handle it and if you seen him in Warrior that mentality when logan goes feral would be intense!!!
@Bakuman247 yeah he's definitely one of those actors that could tackle pretty much anything, he's an incredible performer. Honestly I think it's a matter of whether or not they could convince him to do it than whether or not he could do it
@shannonl5 facts after the whole debate with suicide squad. If not him Gerad Butler would be my number two
@Bakuman247 oooh yeah I could see him do it
@ninleo yeah we had a few suggestions but it wouldn't be the same :(