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So this passed summer I started reading the Web-comic (idk exactly what they are called) Cheese in the Trap and I ended up falling in love with it. Then it was later announced that they were making it into a drama! So I think it is great to hear that, (^_^)
Oh! and Park Hae-Jin is going to play the lead male! Yay, after his new hair cut and dye I think that he does look more like Yoo Jung, the lead of Cheese in the Trap. The pictures above, are from a while ago, they took place at the first script reading, I believe.
So then he updated us with this other pics! ;)
and NOW this new stills, of him doing community service. Ok so the point of these images are that they reminded me that the whole drama is going to happen. Also I have previously hear that several "Web-comic" that have been made into dramas get ruined. Welp, all I am hoping is "Don't Screw This One Over!" because it will be the first drama which I would have read before watching it. xD
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Like 남꾸민ㅇ , 팕 해진 will be my favourite too!
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Im like totally addicted with this drama!! cant wait for the new episode
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We already watched episode 8 . Love the story.
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Both 남 궁민 and 팔ㅋ해진 are my favourite actors.
2 years ago·Reply
I hope I spell both names correct.
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