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OH MY GOSH THERE IS SO MUCH CHARM THIS MAN HAS! At my #1 is CHRIS PRATT I fell for Chris in of course Guardians of the Galaxy as Petter Quiil. His personality is outstanding and adorable, he's funny, smart and a great family man. As Laid back yet energized he can be he's practically makes each of his characters his own just like the amazing Johnny depp in his perfect acting ability. <3
At #2 is VIN DIESEL. I know ironic for a second choice but who would have known he players D&D! Vin Diesel has an big heart and I adore that. His role in F&F from movie 3-7 his Love for Letty was truly whole. he did everything to honer her and her memories even after he she lost her memories he stayed to help regain her memories and protect her. He's truly a Humble man.
At #3 is CHARLIE HUNNAM as he loves to get a drink once in awhile with a little fun :) I love the role he plays as Jax in S.O.A. He is an devoted dad and cares about everyone close to him. but he can't fully grasp things with emotions flying and club decisions to make.
My #4 is Our Vamp star PAUL WESTLEY Paul in everyday life is A relaxed guy. what I find amusing about him is he's a producer and actor, he's almost like a jack of all movie skills. When Vampire Diaries hit the cable TV I fell for Stephen. Paul also puts a lot of his emotions into his characters and makes them his own. Paul to me is mysterious as actor and celebrity He's also Charming in his own ways :3
Last but still loved at #5 is SAM WORTHINGTON First thing is Samuels amazing English Australian ascent is just cute and charming. He loves Art and I for one am a Fan of many different kinds of art. Sam went to National Institute of dramatic art. Its an beautiful school too. In the Avatar movie Sam plays the character Jake sully. What caught my attention was how Jake follows his heart and gut when he chose the side of the Na'Vi falling in love with the Na'Vi chiefs daughter. in the end he risks everything to save an alien planet from the greed of the Human race. he's brave, strong and spiritual :)
If any of my top #5 Actors happen to be one of yours I would love to hear what draws you to them the most. Thanks and hope you enjoyed!
CHARLIE HUNNAM! He is amazing. Sons of Anearchy is one of the best tv series' I've ever watched. It's amazing. I really like Jared Leto, Like...A lot. He's an incredible actor and musician I love this list!
Paul walker vin diesel Dylan O Brien that all I can think of right now
I originally loved Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec but he just got way more badass in Guardians of the Galaxy! love him!