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Hey everyone! I’ve noticed we have a lot more new people on Vingle. And as a news community moderator... I just wanted to reach out and say WELCOME!

As part of the news community we like to take a look at the world... Listen to what's happening, and work to MAKE CHANGE.

We like to create cards and have discussion about real problems that are happening now.

For example...

The Refugee Crisis. Global Warming. Technologic Advancements. Politicians and Political craziness. Public Health. Social Consciousness.

Reading the news and listening to what's happening in the world is tough. A lot is going wrong.

But here in the news community we are tough too. And we want to make a difference.

So let's start having conversations about the things we want to change in the world!

I personally want to talk about technology news, public health, and feminist issues. And I want to talk about what YOU want to talk about.

Again, Welcome Newsies. I want to get to know you now, so that you may ACCEPT MY CORNDOG OF FRIENDSHIP.

What do you want to change in the world? What do you want to talk about in the news?

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@nicolejb ikr....Exactly my thoughts
Welcome welcome welcome!
did some say they were giving away corndogs?
@CathieHahn only if no one slaps anyone
Lol @CathieHahn it's a symbolic corndog of friendship!