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Feel so lost in these times. Struggles to find answers while others seem sublime. Is this what they mean when ignorance is bliss. Some1 paint me the picture what did I miss? Was it in grade school or something down the road. Some of the thoughts that keep me up when I'm alone. I need distractions constantly, cuz If I don't have that,my mind is one catastrophe. How can I get the answers when I don't even know the question. Everyone moving forward around me while all I see is regression. Retracing steps constantly. I put the mask on so people won't see the real me. The person that's stuck in limbo. I'll talk about the fake shit while I drink the brew. Come home and knock out quick real soon . Only to face the monsoon, am I forever doomed?
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wow, I feel you so much with this one. I love your writting style and your deep meaning. Keep up the good work :) @elh418
@rodiziketan thanks man appreciate it
Thinking about this sort of thing all the time. I think everyone wants answers. This was a great post.
@TessStevens thanx. Yea I figured I might as well put something out there that I'm going through cuz I know I'm not the only one.
Sorry to tell a couple truths that are. You are not special. Everyone hides behind something. Your mask, their work, or anything that feels good. Why we like this? Because society doesn't who you, only what it can out of you.