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So first of all, I really don't like champagne, but I got one for a present and I said to myself: "Why not make some champagne based cocktails?" And of course, first one that came to my mind was a lovely Mimosa. I didn't have any chamoagne flutes, so I took the most similar glass. So you need 1oz. of good quality vodka, 1/2oz. of cointreau, some FRESHLY-SQUEEZED orange juice and top your glass with a champagne of your choosing (or whatever you own at the moment). I am sure most of you already tried this amazing cocktails (I am sure @marshalledgar and @allischaaff did - I hope so). But it was actually my first time trying it and let me say - I'm gonna go out and buy me some more champagne. :)
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Love mimosas. but I've had so many...every brunch place in LA serves it bottomless. I've grown tired of it and usually opt for a Harvey Wallbanger.
haha, I am just starting with mimosas haha. So I have a long way to come where you stand now. @marshalledgar
haha you are far more experienced in cocktails than me and your knowledge is unsurpassed. 馃槈馃槃 now I'm in the mood for Moscow Mule slushy.
oh, Moscow Mule slushy... I only had Moscow Mule, like classic way. I wonder how's the slushy like? :) @marshalledgar