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Think about it how awesome would it be if they had she-hulk in one of the New Avengers movies! Everyone already loves Mark Ruffalo who plays the hulk in "the Avengers" so how cool would it be to have a member of the banner group join the team. two hulks are better then one right? Banners cousin Jennifer Walters has better controls when it comes to power and anger but transformation... can be an issue for her. plain and simple she's awesome.
Regardless how awesome Hulk and She-Hulk is the whole family is a story of its own. Talk about family issues lol. Each Hulk is deferent in there own way and making a hulk movie that is a serious action packed movie!...we should support the idea to marval :) anyways All the hulks family in the picture, Skaar, Hulk, Rulk, She Rulk, She Hulk and She Hulk (Lyra) including Grey hulk and Jennifer walters as a vulked out Grey she hulk
@kneelb4zod I would have to say my top three on the spot would be china of WWE, Olivia Wilde, or Charlize Theron . but in the end its best to let Stan Lee pick who's is best suited for the job :)
Hell ya! I agree 100% thanks for the support guys :)
@ComicGeek94 your right I should have. Lol but since you said it...it is known now
oh my god Theron is amazing and yes she has always been the kind that came off as a vigilante personality. she's played good roles as a good guys and a wicked bad ass when it come to crule behavior. she's great I think maybe a little bit more muscles but then again still perfect. Olivia come in just the same but she has more of a soft-ish side to me.
a movie for each Hulk family member that leads up to them teaming up, hey it worked for the Avengers.
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