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I found this photo the other day and I I just fell in love with it. It combines so many aspects of my life, the way I think and work, how I feel and what I like. I am a traveler myself, who just loves going somewhere unknown and meet people just like randomly. On the other side, I do feel like I don't know who I really am. It really does feel like I am on a lifelong trip of getting to know myself. But I think that is totally ok, because we are changing constantly, so we are trying to find our true selves. And along this trip, you get to experience... well, LIFE. So, be a traveler in all its meanins. Travel for riching your experiences, travel to meet new people, trevel to get new thoughts, travel for yourself, travel to find new things you'll end up liking, and travel for a purpose of getting to know yourself. You will never find yourself at "home" aka in your comfort zone.
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It's sounds like you don't need exploring and you are already ready for life... ;) @readyforlife21
@nicolejb...haha! Same e-mail for over a decade. But like you I am an eternal wanderlust and explorer. Both the world and myself. I used to not like that. Then I realized that there is beauty in wandering. You always find something new.
:) @readyforlife21 that's awesome actually! have you been traveling at all lately?! I've been trying to take mini trips around where I live and even those help me learn about myself. it's awesome! :D
@nicolejb I do. I love to travel. I think most people travel for fun or to check boxes off their lists. I think I travel out of necessity, as in its where I find peace. I often find peices of myself waiting in places I've never been as though they were waiting for me. Sounds like it might be similar for you.
It's very similar @readyforlife21!! I kinda grew up all over too, so when I stay in one place for too long I just have the urge to go somewhere else. it's a huge mood lifter for me. something about being in an unfamiliar environment that makes me feel perfectly unsettling, but also comfortable. it's awesome:)