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Video Stores!!!
So I'm walking to work this morning and I usually take the same old boring route. But this time I wanted to stop by a cafeteria to buy breakfast, so I had to walk past my job. In doing so, I walked past a video store (the video store is directly in front of my job, never noticed it oops). Now it has me thinking of the last time I walked in a video store and rented a movie. I really don't remember. I know I walked in a blockbuster store, but I can't remember what movie I rented out. All I know it's been years.
I started to search up blockbuster stores and I realized they've been closed. Wow!!! Where was I when this happened? I guess I was so self centered and didn't realized the video stores are slowly becoming instinct. Lol. So I ask you my Vinglers. When was the last time you walked in a video store and what movie did you rent out?
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@karencorchado It's just all new releases
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Dang the last time I ever stepped foot in a blockbuster was probably a decade ago. Never really rented movies there except videogames. Last rent had to be Warriors on the PS2.
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@VeronicaArtino @InPlainSight I think I'm going to try redbox one day. Especially if it's new releases. Nice!!! 馃槈
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@FallenRangerz PS2, that was a real long time ago, Lol. I don't think I've ever rented video games. I was more like "the next time I come in to blockbuster I'm going to rent out a video game" to late now. Lol
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@SeoInHan I used to enjoy going into blockbuster all the time. If I remember, it was action movies I rented.
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