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The weekend is here and the trick or treaters are near.

If you're like myself and don't have any plans for this Halloween weekend, there's always that one option. No, not buying candy in bulk and binge eating it while watching Hocus Pocus. Although that sounds rather delightful, it's something even better. Grab the one you love and make it a movie night, but not just any movie night.
Since this weekend is meant to be spooky, cuddle up with your cuddle buddy and have a scary romance movie marathon. No need to be scared when you have someone to be scared right along with you -- or lack there of. Remember, these are scary romance films not your typical scary "I won't be able to sleep for the next week" type of films. Just in case you need a little help picking and choosing, keep scrolling to see what films made the list.

4.) The Fly

1.) Interview With The Vampire

2.) Bride Of Chucky

3.) Warm Bodies

5.) Let The Right One In

Watch if you dare.

Oh yeah, be prepared to scream.

I've seen and love all of those but I havent seen fly yet. Dracula is also a great one
warm bodies is not a creepy one
WTF...Bride of Chucky looks mad creepy
Bram Stoker's Dracula, The fly would be a great choice too.
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