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Layering is the new accessorizing.

When you think of the fall and winter seasons, one of the first things that come to mind is layering. If that doesn't happen to be one of the first few things that pops into your head than you're doing it all wrong. As much as we love a good coat or leather jacket, sometimes that's just not enough. You can throw on a sweater and a turtleneck and still not feel satisfied, but the one item that will take your look far is a scarf. Scarves are amazing accessories that allow you to not only feel warm and cozy, but fashionable. The evolution of scarves over the years has been pretty amazing and apparently everyone's favorite happens to be the blanket scarf. Reminiscent of a blanket because of how oversized and cozy they are, they definitely will keep you warm on the chilliest days and of course, super stylish. To fall in love with this trend, keep scrolling and prepare to be amazed.

Ladies, do you think that is this a trend worth trending?

truuuuu multi-purposeful ^.^ @jordanhamilton
exactly!!! they come in handy @littlemaryk
If I get super cold, having one of these blanket scarves could actually also be a useful survival tool.
true. 😄
I think scarves are so perfect. I wouldn't mind just wearing a scarf, they add life to any outfit @marshalledgar
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