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We've all received one at some point.

I'm talking about the dreaded text from an ex. You don't know whether you should reply, turn on your read receipts or just keep it moving. You try not to be too hard on them, but then you realize all the pain they put you throw and they kind of deserve it. You deleted their number months ago, but they still happen to be super persistent. It's a loss cause in your book, in theirs not so much.
If you've ever been in this awkward situation than you know just how stressful it can be, you don't know if you should hold a conversation or bring out the anger you've been hoarding in for months and years on end. Sometimes it's best to just laugh it off and keep it moving. Keep scrolling to see these laughable texts from exes that will make you want your ex to text you just so you can use one of these lines.

Of course, I had to save the best one for last.

Remember, exes are exes for a reason.
Omg, the 'skip' card. So funny, but so cold at the same time.
I love this xD especially the ring. I'll probably end up doing that one day
these are too good! 😂 some are really cold, they're the best ones!
Ugh never were truer words spoken – "exes are exes for a reason"
I def thought that was extremely clever. bet he never texted her again @Luci546
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