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Hey everyone! I'm going to start a weekly Friday series where I preview the biggest match in the EPL for the upcoming weekend.

This weekend, to get us underway, I'll be looking at Chelsea v. Liverpool.

It's two teams that are sure to be hugely disappointed with their early season form, with one undoubtedly the surprise of the season thus far.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is in the position no one thought he would be: on the verge of a sacking.
I read this week that if Chelsea lose one more match in this run of horrible form, Mourinho could get the boot. And I would totally understand.


Here's what the two teams look like in the table.
I never would have imagined Chelsea sitting in 15th at any point in the season, much less after fully 10 matches.
Past five matches:
Chelsea: L - W - L - D - W
Liverpool: L - D - W - D - D
Liverpool have a new energetic manager in Jurgen Klopp after firing Brandon Rodgers and Klopp's energy is sure to inspire the team.
His presence, plus a fully healthy Daniel Sturridge (something Liverpool haven't had in ages) look to spur Liverpool to an improved run of form.

Chelsea, meanwhile, are in shambles.

Players like Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas, so influential for Chelsea last season as they won the title, are a shell of themselves. They haven't played fluid football for more than a few minutes at a time all season.
I'm going to take a chance here and say that the match being played at Anfield will benefit the home team.

I say the misery continues for Chelsea. They lose 2-1 at the hands of Liverpool.

Any predictions?

Ok, I was wrong
I am not a big fan of either team, but I think Chelsea can pull this one out of the bag.
Also Klops football style will def crush the Chelsea defense line. A lot of constant pressure!
Chelseas my team....but yeah looks like its going to go to Liverpool.
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