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For the first two games of the series, it seemed as if the Mets outsmarted themselves.

They got intimidated by the Royals' reputation for hitting fastballs, so Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom - both of whom have outstanding fastballs that are difficult for anyone to hit - went away from their fastball.

deGrom and Harvey were not beaten because the Royals attacked their fastballs. They were beaten because they hardly threw their best pitch in the first place.

deGrom, who usually throws something like 65% fastballs, threw only about 35% heaters in his Game 2 loss.

This is the World Series. You can't be too cute. You have to rely on what got you here. For the Mets, it's in large part their starters' fastballs.

So now analysts and fans alike have been calling on Noah Syndergaard, Game 3's starter for the Mets, to do one thing early and often:


It's better to go down swinging, being the team that we have been all season, rather than to limp out because we got outsmarted, right?

I know Syndergaard doesn't ever look like he feels pressure, but tonight there's going to be lots of it. It's as simple as this: the Mets need Syndergaard to save their season.
So, with that said, it's time for Terry Collins to advise his young starter to go in with the wheels already off. Syndergaard has one of the hardest and most brutalizing fastballs in baseball. Let him use it. Often.
The Royals have attacked the Mets for the first two games of the series.

Let's get them back in Game 3 and attack them with a crushing fastball and some good, old-fashioned HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE!

Citi Field is ready. I'm ready. Are you?

def ready good info man always droppin nuggets and I thought I was a sports freak good job man and go mets!
Hahaha you guys watching the game right now? @jeff4122 @DannyMoses
hahah appreciate it @DannyMoses! enjoy the game tonight and LGM!
Oh yeah