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It's time guys "Time for what?" it's time to vote for this year's MAMA's!!
"But how do I vote...." Well I'll explain , in order to vote you need an ID there different ways to create one but Im going to show you guys how to make one using your Email :) (You can also make one using Facebook or Twitter) . . You've Got To Make The ID
You've got to Sign Up for an account first
Click a button
Click a few buttons (You can sign up for these options if you want to, it's all up to you for this part)
And This is the Final Step After that your home free :D
(The photos used to display the creation on an ID are NOT mine, a friend of mine asked me to share this with you guys just in case you wanted to know how to get an ID so you can vote)
Now that you can get out there and vote for you baes in this year MAMA's .....the voting has started so don't be afraid to show your support :D Good Luck Guys♡
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here is the link incase someone doesnt know were it is at
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Bts or Exo 😩😩😩😩
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if you can't decide who to vote for in some categories Please vote for GOT7 AND CNBLUE 🙇🙏🙏🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏 PLEASE I WOULD BE SO HAPPY IF YOU DID.... MY BROTHERS HAPPINESS AND MY HUSBAND LEE JUNG SHIN ARE AS IF I HAVE WON TOO....THERE ARE MY JOY AND PRIDE OF COURSE MY BOYS COME FIRST 😆 BUT SINCE I can't be with them this my way of showing my Love and sopport people might think I'm weird my weakness is getting attached to people 😔 my love can be to much sometimes 😅.... I know I can't handle everyone in the whole world but the people that let me in... I don't forget.... People been getting me disappointed 😔💔. .. I know they can't be like me... after loosing my brother I have become so sensitive 😝. ..I don't want to hurt anyone but my kindness sometimes get taken advantage and when I realized it it hurts me....😔💔... I don't know if I make sence... People close the doors on them selfs but it Hurst me way more to be the one to close that door..... That's why I isolate my self so much... and only come out when I see people that need my love that are going to apreciate it..... Sorry guys again with my winning..... I really need to go back to my diary huh? lol or start doing cards too 😅😂😂... anyways Vote for GOT7 AND CNBLUE please and thank you!
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