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When it comes to department stores, this one is it.

Nordstrom has been one of my favorite stores for years now. They're high end, but not too high end that you can't shop with ease. They house several brands that any fashionista would love and they have amazing customer service. What's not to love?
If you've never been to Nordstrom, please don't waste one more second of your life. Find one and visit, it will be a life changer. As much as I think I know about this amazing store, there are also things I don't know and you probably aren't too familiar yourself. To learn some interesting facts about my favorite department store and your soon to be favorite, keep scrolling.

Fact #1: A Lesson In History

John W. Nordstrom came to America with less than $10 and later turned that into $13,000. In 1901, John and his friend Carl Wallin opened a shoe store called Wallin & Nordstrom, which later turned into Nordstrom, Inc.

Fact #2: Persistence Pays Off

During the Great Depression, Nordstrom managed to stay open and make $250,000 in sales despite all the other stores that quickly closed down.

Fact #3: Sales, Sales, Sales

Everyone loves Nordstrom's Anniversary Sales that only happen once a year. Mark your calendars because the next one will take place in July 2016.

Fact #4: More Sales, Sales, Sales

Not quite like the Anniversary sale, but the Half-Year sale is just as good. Instead of taking place once it year, it takes place twice a year in both the spring and fall.

Fact #5: It's All About The Benjamins

"In 1988, with just 21,000 employees and 58 stores, Nordstrom sold $2.3 billion worth of goods to customers! They earned a profit of $123 million."

And now you see why Nordstrom happens to be so amazing.