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Reminsicent of dyeing your hair, but way less messy and guess what? It's harmless. Your hair will still remain just as healthy and you can change the color before six months. Pretty amazing, right? I'm talking about hair chalk and if you're not familiar with this perfect hair wizardry than now is the time that you learn. It's basically chalk for your hair and if you're that girl who wants to dye her hair minus all the negative possibilities, hair chalk is perfect for you. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see the tutorial below.
Ladies, would you try the hair chalk method?
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Wait so how do you take it off? If washing your hair takes it off then what happens?
you just wash it out as you would regulary wash your hair @VIPforever123 it's a semi permanent option.
oh ok @jordanhamilton thanks! :)
no problem :) @VIPforever123