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I know it isn't much but 100 cards for me is a big deal and I just wanted to say thank you all for liking my cards and I would like to make a big shout out to some of the friends I have made so far and hopefully get to know more of them in the future! @danidee @vinmccarthy @tessstevens @shannonl5 @nicolejb
YAY!!! congrats to you!! 100 cards it a hug deal!! also, that cat gif is a big deal. XD
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CONGRATS, DUDEEEE!!! I hope today rains down plenty of pizza for you.
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Hey it's kind of like a Vingle anniversary, your centennial card anniversary!!! It's been so much fun getting to know you :D :D :D
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Congratulations on your century....that's got to be like 700 cards in cat counting.
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