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ok not exactly just yet... but before going I thought I'd do a card . VAV is a mysterious new kpop band made of korean and chinese roots. The last few weeks some of you saw the introduction toons for each character and next week will be the first full episode on this toon. but enough about that! I'm extremely excited to be able to go!
you are cordially invited: this is about 2 hour ride for me, im going alone out into this cold cold world, alone and waiting many hours to not only be part of kpop history but to be able to bring it to the kpop fan vinglers! =D yey me! no but really im half scared half excited since I hate tranfers, long rides and don't speak the language.
ok ok fine! totally worth it to say...I was there =) its tomorrow at 7pm so like 6am U.S time just in case some hardcore fan wants to wake up to support me via vingle lol I'll also be posting pre pictures earlier like at 3am U.S time @emealia @mattk95 @vixenvivi @littlemaryk @aabxo
I can't wait to see your pictures :) @Exoexo @B1A4BTS5ever @KellyOConnor @ArmyofKookie ... have you seen this yet
@destiny1419 @CreeTheOtaku I will try! =) thank you! if I did not have to be alone the experience would be a lot better =/ but all for the kpop ! = D
@ArmyofKookie I wish I could go to but I'm not in Korea either so I'm going to try to keep an eye out for pictures :)
@destiny1419 I will try....but sleep!
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