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Take a look at these gorgeous bridal bouquets! Look at the stunning colors! What you see here, in all those muted mauves, blushy pinks, desaturated peach and off-white petals is the color of neutral for Fall.
When you think "white", you think blinding perfect white. Unless that's your look, you want to stick to neutrals. Neutrals can be white as long as it's not an Eskimo or Blizzard rose. Those are white-white roses. you want something with color, though, not green, which is a Tineke. Those are more Spring.
You will want to stick to Sahara and Virginia roses. There are a ton more than these two, but when you start your research, don't be afraid to sit down with a floral designer to get a good handle of what's available, what's yielding the best quality, etc.
These floral creations were created by Anthony Brownie Flowers. While it's helpful to clip your favorite pictures from social media, it's even more helpful to talk to a professional. They are more expert in their craft than a random photo that's probably been doctored online.
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