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B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung was featured in six songs and all the songs have become very successful. On May 18, according to music site Melon’s real time chart, Baek Ji Young’s new song “Good Boy,” in which Yong was featured, ranked first. Yong was featured in Leessang’s “Hard to be Humble” and IU’s “Every Day of the End,” which previously ranked first as well. “Good Boy” was released on May 17 and ranked first on daily chart. Yong showed off his power by helping many singers become successful and rank high. He was featured in Hyun Ah’s “Change” and G.NA’s “I’ll Back off so You Can Live Better,” which ranked 25th and 46th on Melone yearly chart in 2010. Wheesung’s “Heartsore Story” ranked 85th on yearly chart in 2011. Hyun Ah’s “A Bitter Day,” in which Yong and G.NA was featured together, ranked 31st on monthly chart in July and August, 2011. Ali’s “Don’t Act Foolish,” which was released in December of last year, ranked 22nd on monthly chart in January this year. Source: Starnews via
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