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I have just updated vingle and i was just wondering what is in the new version. Does anyone know? I hope there's something that makes it easier to tag people.
@marshalledgar thats cool. mine is an lg optimus fuel 3g. it wont do that on vingle but it does on instagram and facebook. i think it's a good idea though to have a tagging option and a list.
yeah i too cant find the tag option
Oh i know what you mean about remembering @MelissaMae. Luckily, i've tagged so many people with my phone that my phone automatically prompts the users and i just pick and choose the ones that I want. I have a Galaxy S5. Not sure if that means anything.
well i see the commenting is different. thats cool.
yes i am but i want to tag people without having to remember the name. like have an option for tagging and when i select the option, a list comes up of my friends that i can scroll through and select the ones i want to tag. i have a hard time remembering everyone i want to tag. thanks for the reply.
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