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If you're going for big, lush and extravagant, especially with your florals, you could easily spend $10,000 on flowers alone! If that's your thing and you have the budget for it, then who am I to rain on your parade!? Go for it.
For me and everyone else, here's a great trick to get that FLORAL POP you're looking for without killing your budget: it's called the 80/20 ratio (more or less).
Here's how this works:
Say that you want urns of glorious English garden roses. Well, not only are roses expensive, but the English variety are incredibly expensive. To circumvent the enormous costs 80% of the urn's flowers would be THE SAME SHADE OF ROSE but in a different flower, like a dhalia, for instance, or carnations. 20% of the rest of the flowers would be ROSES. And since English are so pricey, you'd really only utilize a very small handful of these (less than half of your roses).
Does that make sense?
In the Hidden Garden Floral Studio picture (above), you get the magnificence of ruby red florals and roses, yet without the expense or redundancy of just roses everywhere.
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