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So my friend and i got into an argument, he said that goku could beat Saitama, but i said that Goku would lose the match eaisly.. Who do you think will win.
Saitama (One Punch Man) Saitama, the protagonist, is an exceptionally powerful hero who easily defeats the monsters or other villains with a single punch. However, due to his overwhelming strength, Saitama has become bored with his powers and is constantly trying to find stronger opponents who can fight him.
Goku (Kakarot) Goku is pure of heart, possessing no negative feelings or thoughts. He is also portrayed to be very innocent as a child, because of growing up in Mount Paozu.
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but Saitama can run really fast and dodge them
@Saruwatari I don't like DBZ but, Goku is FTL and his ranged attacks are strong.
if I could see one punch punch the f ground I'd know
Now that I know a little bit more about OPM I think he would win.